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Sample Trainer

8U - Beast Mode, 11U - Alliance

Last team you played for: 

Penn State

Years of training:



CRP, Goodsport


In the vibrant world of soccer, some heroes don't just play on the field but also shape it from the sidelines. My journey as a soccer trainer is one of passion, resilience, and mentorship. Growing up in Lisbon, dreams of professional play filled my young mind. But a career-ending injury during my teens pivoted my path to coaching, a destiny I embraced with fervor.

The game’s intricacies fascinated me. Delving into the dynamics of strategies and players, my purpose became clear: to mold and mentor. My degree in Sports Science coupled with specialized courses became the bedrock of my training career. For two decades, I've transitioned raw talents into seasoned players, rejoicing in their evolution. However, the essence of training transcends just techniques; it's about recognizing individual strengths, aspirations, and even fears.

In the age of technological innovation, integrating traditional training with advanced tools, like video analysis and virtual reality, keeps my players ahead of the curve. Yet, my core belief remains unchanged: great soccer is built on discipline, dedication, and determination. While technical skills are teachable, instilling mental fortitude is paramount.

In the end, while I never played in packed stadiums, witnessing my protégés thrive on the pitch offers unparalleled joy. Their success mirrors my unwavering dedication to soccer training—a blend of art and science, passion and perseverance.

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Dave Matthews

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Funny Funny

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Sample Trainer
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