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Soccer Academy

The Soccer Academy offers additional training to Intramural players (U4 - U9) in two programs: Premier Academy, focusing on skill development for travel soccer, and Mini Academy, emphasizing basic motor skills.


Discover our Soccer Academy

Welcome to our Soccer Academy, a special program dedicated to nurturing the growth of Intramural players by offering additional training throughout the season. Designed exclusively for players enrolled in our intramural program, participation in the Academy is separate from Travel Soccer and not a requirement for it.

PREMIER ACADEMY: U6 - U9 (Division 3 & 4)
The Premier Academy is a progression from the Mini Academy and is focused on skill development for those who wish to enhance their individual talents. It's not only about improving skills but also preparing players for the next step: travel soccer.

Key Aspects:

  • Administered by Player Development and conducted by VIVA Soccer trainers.

  • Emphasis on advanced fundamental aspects of the game.

  • Combination of individual skill building, footwork, and teamwork.

  • Participation in local leagues against other towns and clubs.

Program Details:

  • Available in Fall, Winter, and Spring.

  • A commitment of 1 training day and 1 game per week per season.

  • Each season typically runs 8-10 weeks long.

MINI ACADEMY: U4 - U6 (Division 1 & 2)
The Mini Academy is our entry-level program that focuses on providing young players an extra day of engaging play. This program emphasizes basic gross motor skills and simple techniques, forming the essential building blocks for future athletes and soccer enthusiasts.

Key Aspects:

  • Fun play and enjoyment.

  • Building foundational athletic skills that apply to soccer and beyond.

Program Details:

Available in Fall and Spring.

  • A commitment of 1 training day and 1 game per week per season.

  • Each season usually runs 8-10 weeks long.

The Soccer Academy is committed to providing a positive, fun, and challenging learning environment. Whether you are taking the first steps with the Mini Academy or honing your skills in the Premier Academy, our programs are tailored to meet the needs and ambitions of each player.

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