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Intramurals for ages 3-8 offers professional training and weekend games. Divisions include combined or separate gender groups with varying schedules and practice sessions. Equipment varies by division but includes shin guards, cleats, and balls.


Discover our Intramural Program

About the Intramural Program

Welcome to the Hauppauge Soccer League Intramural Program, tailored for young players ages 3-8. With a mission to cultivate a love for soccer, our program provides an engaging and educational experience.

Registration and Age Requirements:
Players must be registered in accordance with their birth year. Our age divisions align with the starting point of the Fall season for both Fall and Spring.

Season Schedule:
Games and sessions are primarily hosted on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (with potential Sundays if field conflicts arise). The Fall season commences in September, and the Spring season typically kicks off in late March or early April. Detailed schedules will be available approximately a week prior to the season's start.

Professional Training:
Each child receives top-notch training from our professional coaches, ensuring skill development and an enjoyable experience.

Intramural Divisions and Practices:

D1 (U4 & U5):

This is going to be 6v6 - 60-minute games. However, every other week - we will mix in 30 minutes of skill training with Viva followed by a 30-minute game.

D2 (U6):

Similar to D1, 6v6 with every other week being skill training with Viva.

D3 (U7):

Separate girls/boys divisions, universal practice sessions (Monday evenings), plus weekend games.

D4 (U8 & U9):

Similar to D3, but catering to U8 and U9 players.

Additional practices may be arranged by coaches as needed.

Equipment Required:

D1 & D2: Shin guards, water bottle, cleats, size 3 soccer ball
D3: Shin guards, water bottle, cleats, size 3 soccer ball
D4: Shin guards, water bottle, cleats, size 4 soccer ball

The Intramural Program is more than just soccer; it's about building community, and friendships, and fostering a lifelong passion for the game. Come join us and be a part of our soccer family!

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