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Interleague, for players ages 9+, is a local recreational soccer league within Suffolk County. Serving as an alternative to travel teams, it offers professional training, varied game schedules, and age-based team formations across small, medium, and large fields.


Discover our Interleague Program

Hauppauge Soccer League's Interleague Program is a stepping stone for players ages 9 and above who are seeking a fun and competitive soccer environment!

Program Overview
Interleague serves as an extension of our Intramurals, designed for kids who have aged out of that program. It offers an alternative to travel soccer for those who weren’t placed on a travel team or choose not to participate in travel for other reasons. Interleague teams travel locally within Suffolk County, engaging with other teams in the Suffolk Soccer Interleague Program.

Season Details
Ages 12 and under: Games on Saturdays, with possible Sundays.
Ages 13 and above: Games primarily on Sundays, with possible Saturdays.
Fall Season: Starts in September.
Spring Season: Begins in March.

Schedules are available about a week before the season starts, and teams may be adjusted as needed.

Training and Practices
Professional trainers lead a six-week Interleague Night on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM. Volunteer coaches may also run additional practices at their discretion. This training is included in the registration cost.

Team Structure
BU/GU 10: 7V7 on a small field
BU/GU 11 & 12: 9V9 on a medium field
BU/GU 13-19: 11v11 on a large field

Teams may consist of multiple age groups if necessary, usually not more than two years apart.

Equipment and Uniforms
Under 12: Uniform, shin guards, soccer cleats, athletic supporter (boys), water bottle, size 4 ball.
Ages 13+: Same as above but with a size 5 ball.

Uniforms are a separate purchase, and details can be found at Soccer Post LI in Hicksville or through club email communication.

Coaches and Volunteers
We rely on our community to help coach and volunteer. Responsibilities include schedule communication, practice assistance, game management, and coordination with league officials.

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