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Training Techniques for Intramural Aged Players

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

As we dive deeper into the art of coaching, our partnership with Viva Soccer remains at the heart of our training approach. In this edition, we'll explore core soccer techniques tailored for our young stars, aged 3-8, within our vibrant World Cup-themed intramural divisions.

Foundational Skills Training:


Ages 3-5: Start with gentle push passes, emphasizing contact with the inside of the foot.

Ages 6-8: Progress to techniques like the driven pass, focusing on accuracy.


Ages 3-5: Encourage basic touches using both feet. 'Red Light, Green Light' is a playful game to weave in movement.

Ages 6-8: Introduce cone drills to enhance ball control and finesse in direction changes.


Ages 3-5: Emphasize clean contact with the ball, using larger, fun goalposts.

Ages 6-8: Familiarize them with instep drives, focusing on the follow-through motion.


Ages 3-5: Begin with stationary balls, nurturing soft touches.

Ages 6-8: Progressively introduce moving balls, refining control techniques.

Age-Adapted Techniques:

The essence of Viva Soccer's teachings revolves around age-appropriate training. Our younger stars thrive with playful, vibrant activities that ignite their soccer passion, while the slightly older ones are ripe for drills that not only challenge but fine-tune their budding skills.

Skill Development Drills:

Passing Parade: Organize players in teams, where the first player passes the ball to a designated spot and then retrieves it for the next player in line.

Dribble Adventure: Arrange cones in intriguing patterns. Players weave in and out, practicing ball control.

Shooting Galleries: Define zones within a goal using fun markers. Assign various points to zones to encourage precision shooting.

Trap & Control Zone: Propel the ball towards players from diverse angles. Their mission? Control it within a specific area.

In conclusion, while these techniques lay the groundwork for our youngsters, it's the joy, camaraderie, and spirit of the game that make our sessions at Hauppauge unforgettable. Together, with the festive aura of our World Cup jerseys and the expertise from Viva Soccer, we're set to offer an unmatched soccer experience.

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