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Exciting News: Hauppauge Soccer Travel Program Unveils New Jerseys!

In a thrilling move sure to ignite pride and passion within the Hauppauge Soccer community, the Hauppauge Soccer Travel Program is delighted to announce the acquisition of brand new jerseys for the entire organization. We've made the bold choice of selecting the PUMA Team Glory jerseys, continuing to partner with a name synonymous with quality and excellence.

A Nod to Tradition

Our decision to opt for the traditional royal blue and white colors isn't just a stylish choice; it's a meaningful one. These colors resonate with our heritage, embodying the spirit, teamwork, and perseverance that have defined Hauppauge Soccer for generations.

Why PUMA Team Glory?

We believe in providing our players with the best, and PUMA's reputation for crafting superior sportswear aligns perfectly with our values. The PUMA Team Glory line, in particular, mirrors the ambition and glory we strive for at Hauppauge Soccer.

These jerseys are more than mere clothing; they symbolize our collective goals, the connection between players and fans, and the shared love for the game of soccer. With the new PUMA Team Glory jerseys in our traditional royal blue and white, we are not just wearing our colors; we're wearing our identity.

Every player in the Hauppauge Soccer organization is required to place an order for the new PUMA Team Glory jersey, an essential part of our unified team identity. An email has been sent to all players from Soccer Post Long Island on August 3, containing detailed instructions on how to visit the team store and place orders.

If you're a part of the organization, you'll find everything you need to secure your jersey in that email. Please follow the provided steps to ensure you're part of this exciting new chapter for Hauppauge Soccer.

For more information on the new jerseys and other exciting updates from Hauppauge Soccer, stay connected with us on our social media channels and website. See you on the pitch!

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