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A Message From Ken Furuno - Our Hauppauge Soccer League President

Welcome to our new website! We are excited and relieved to be back up and running, as the website has become the main source of information for all our programs and registrations. This new website will continue to serve that function and be a one-stop shop for all necessary information for the Hauppauge Soccer League.

We would like to apologize to our soccer community for our website being down for as long as it was. In February 2022 we began the process of migrating from our existing league management (Sports SignUp Play) platform to GotSport as required by our parent league, Long Island Junior Soccer League. Our club was forced to roll out GotSport with no formal training, and we had to learn on the fly while helping many of you through the transition as well. We would like to thank all our coaches and parents for their patience over the last year during a very difficult transition. We hope that the restoration of our website will make our registration process much smoother in the future.

This past Memorial Day Weekend most of our travel teams participated in the Hershey Memorial Day Challenge. On behalf of the entire HSL Board, we would like to thank you all for taking part in the tournament. One of the greatest benefits of tournaments such as this is the team bonding that takes place with our players and their families, and we hope you all had a great time.

As we start preparing for the start of the Fall 2023 season, we would like to acknowledge the teams that will no longer continue to play for Hauppauge Soccer League:

  • Flash (finished 1st in their division)

  • Spartans (finished tied for 1st in their division)

  • Storm

  • Booted Eagles (won the LI Cup in the Premiere Division)

While saddened that these teams will end their journeys early, we are excited for the expected creation of our new class of U9 travel teams.

I want to thank all our volunteers who take the time to either serve on the Board, coach a team, run a bank account, or help in any other meaningful way. I can speak personally that the reason I became a part of this Board was to reciprocate the expectations I have of all 3 of my own children to give 100% whenever they are on the field. All of us put in a good amount of time to provide the best possible experience for the children in our community. We would like to welcome Joe Cerulli, Rob Mannino, Dave Lefurgy, and Mike Baker to the Hauppauge Soccer Board.

Finally, as we welcome in our new Board Members, we would like to thank Dean Fitrakis, Ashok Shenoy, Bill Kunzig and Mike Guercio as they move on to new chapters of their lives. We all appreciate their many years of service to the club and the community.

Thank you all!

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