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Hauppauge Hurricanes Kick Off U9 Season with Impressive Win

It was all cheers and applause at the Hauppauge Soccer League yesterday as the U9 Hauppauge Hurricanes marked their debut with a 3-1 triumph over the Plainview Old Bethpage Hawks.

From the first whistle, the Hurricanes showed they meant business. Meadow Garbedian set the tone early with a crisp finish. Luciana Saladino, with a helping hand from Hannah Mccann, added to the tally, and Mia Rosales rounded off the scoreline, ensuring the Hurricanes had a day to remember.

But it wasn’t just about the goals. The defensive pair of Kika McDermott and Ashley Leinz stood strong, turning away numerous attempts from the Hawks. Between the posts, the goalkeeping duo of Emma Pinelli and Emy Drake displayed commendable reflexes, ensuring the team kept its lead intact.

Equally crucial in midfield and creating opportunities were Tessa Francis, Tenley Jensen, and Kaitlyn Asseng. Their quick passing and positional play made sure the Hurricanes maintained a rhythm throughout.

While it was a celebration for the Hurricanes, credit goes to the Hawks as well, who showed grit and sportsmanship. No doubt, they’ll be gearing up for the next face-off.

For now, the Hauppauge community has its eyes set on their newest U9 team. With such a promising start, the Hurricanes are sure to bring more excitement in their upcoming fixtures.

So, gear up parents and young soccer enthusiasts: The U9 season is off to a flying start, and it seems the Hurricanes are here to make a mark!

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