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Hauppauge Soccer League's Schedule at the Alby Cup Labor Day Tournament 2023

Labor Day is synonymous with celebration, relaxation, and for us, exhilarating soccer action! The Hauppauge Soccer League proudly announces our participation in the Albertson Soccer Club's renowned Alby Cup this coming weekend.

The lush green fields of the Orlin and Cohen Soccer Complex in Central Islip are set to be graced by our formidable teams:

  • Beast Mode (BU9)

  • Hurricanes (GU9)

  • Bulldogs (BU11)

  • Rush (BU12)

  • Wolfpack(BU13)

Each team embodies the essence of our league - dedication, passion, and a relentless drive for excellence.

In a commendable move, the Alby Cup will also be celebrating the spirit of inclusivity with its Special Needs team bracket. This resonates deeply with our ethos at Hauppauge, where we believe that soccer is for everyone.

Want to Support Our Teams? Here's How!

An integral part of our community's strength is the support we extend to one another. As Hauppauge teams prepare to dazzle on the field, we invite every member of our community to rally behind them. To make it easier for you to catch every game, we've compiled a comprehensive schedule of all Hauppauge matches at the Alby Cup.

Download the PDF of Hauppauge’s Alby Cup Schedule

Hauppauge Soccer League Schedule - Alby Cup - 2023-compressed
Download PDF • 244KB

The schedule ensures you don’t miss out on any action. Swing by the matches, cheer loudly and embrace the vibrant soccer atmosphere that only the Alby Cup can offer. When Hauppauge plays, we all play!

To all our teams, remember this: You're not just representing a team; you're representing an entire community that stands behind you. Play with heart, skill, and the indomitable spirit that Hauppauge is known for.

Best of luck, teams! We're with you at every pass, every goal, and every triumphant cheer!

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