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Hurricanes Shine in Rain, Outplay Smithtown Flames in 5-1 Win

On a day filled with raindrops and splashes, the U9 Hauppauge Hurricanes showed everyone that a wet field isn’t a problem for them. In an exciting match, they clinched a win against the Smithtown Flames with an impressive score of 5-1.

Right from the whistle, Mia Rosales was in action mode. She quickly scored a goal, setting a strong pace for the Hurricanes. Luciana Saladino controlled the middle like a pro, directing the ball and setting up smart plays, making it hard for the Flames to catch up.

But a winning team needs a solid defense too. That’s where Kika McDermott, Ashley Leinz, and Tenley Jensen stepped in. They were like the ultimate wall, blocking and protecting, making sure Smithtown had very few chances to score.

Behind this great defense, goalkeepers Emma Pinelli and Emy Drake were standout stars. Even with the tricky, rainy conditions, they managed to keep the ball out of the net with some cool saves.

Let’s not forget the midfield dynamos: Kaitlyn Asseng, Hannah McCann, Tessa Francis, and Meadow Garbedian. Their teamwork and passing helped the Hurricanes keep the energy high and the ball moving.

When the game ended, everyone was a mix of wet, tired, and super happy. The Hauppauge Hurricanes proved that they’re not just fair-weather players—they shine even in the rain!

A big thumbs up to the Smithtown Flames too. Every match is a learning step, and they surely gave it their best. Until next time, keep playing and enjoying soccer!

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