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Joe Gill's Hat-Trick Streak Continues as Wolfpack Dominate Commack Eagles

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

September 17th, 2023, marked another splendid match for the Hauppauge Wolfpack as they convincingly defeated the Commack Eagles with a solid scoreline of 5-0.

For the second time in a row, Joe Gill has proven himself as the man of the moment for the Wolfpack. Hot on the heels of his debut, Gill once again delivered a breathtaking performance, scoring three more goals. "The kid on fire" seems to be a fitting statement for Gill, as his goal-scoring prowess shows no signs of cooling down.

While Gill's hat-trick was undeniably the highlight, the game had its share of standout moments. Collin Boccio made his mark on the scoresheet with a confidently taken penalty kick, sending the goalkeeper the wrong way and finding the back of the net.

Adding to the Wolfpack's tally was Cameron Lennon. Having joined the team in March, Lennon chose this game to announce his arrival, netting his very first goal for the Wolfpack. It's moments like these – a player's inaugural goal – that stick in the memories of fans and players alike.

But a strong offense is only half the story. A big shoutout is due to Brendon Sottile between the sticks. Registering an impressive 10 saves, Sottile ensured that the Eagles were kept at bay, and the Wolfpack maintained a clean sheet. His reflexes and decision-making under the bar played a pivotal role in ensuring that the Wolfpack emerged unscathed.

This match further solidifies the Wolfpack's reputation as a force to be reckoned with. Their combination of offensive firepower and solid defense is a testament to their team spirit and dedication.

Congratulations to the Hauppauge Wolfpack on their dominant performance.

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