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The New Look of Hauppauge Soccer Premier Academy: Crest and Jersey

For those familiar with soccer's traditions, the importance of a team's crest and jersey is well understood. They're not just about looks; they carry the essence of the team's identity and aspirations. The Hauppauge Soccer Premier Academy has embraced a new crest and jersey, both signifying the academy's commitment to its players and their potential.

The Crest: A Sign of Commitment

The Hauppauge Soccer Academy's new crest is straightforward yet meaningful. It represents the academy's dedication to soccer and its promise to provide every player with the best possible training. More than anything, it's a badge of belonging, of being part of a community that values growth and teamwork.

The Jersey: A Statement of Ambition

When players register with the Hauppauge Soccer Premier Academy, they receive more than just training—they get a jersey that symbolizes their connection to a larger family. This jersey, adorned with the new crest, is a reminder of what they're striving for: honing their skills, enjoying the game, and perhaps even aiming for a spot in the travel program.

It's comfortable, practical, and perfect for both training sessions and game days. More than its design, it's about what the jersey stands for—a young player's aspiration to learn, improve, and be a part of a team.

A Fresh Start

To many, a crest change and a new jersey might seem like simple updates. But for the players of the Hauppauge Soccer Premier Academy, they're gentle reminders of where they are and where they're headed. As the academy moves forward, fostering new talents and building on its legacy, the crest and jersey will be there at every step, marking milestones and celebrating every goal.

For information about the Premier Academy Program, contact:

Sean Hughes

Director of Player and Coaching Development

To Register for Premier Academy visit

Premier Academy Flyer Copy Compressed
Download PDF • 263KB

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